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Food journals. All of us have the opportunity, if you’re a member of Fit Body Boot Camp, to do a food journal, and so want to talk about that for a little bit because people who are taking advantage of it and taking advantage of our meal plans and those things, they are actually getting results. Crazy, I know.

Have the opportunity if you’re a member of Fit …

Hoo. Whoosh. There you go. I won’t do that again. Anyway, so we’re going to talk about that for a little bit. Here is the food journal itself, right? You know, everybody who is a Fit Body Boot Camp member already knows about this. I’m sitting here in my garage. I have a little gym that I actually just put together this weekend, because there’s a lot of times when I want to sit down and really write in quiet but I also want to get my workout in. I live like 20 minutes from both of my gyms but obviously want to make sure that I get my Fit Body Boot Camp workout in, so look, I’ve got the Fit Body Boot Camp, woop, logo there, I’ve got my flag, I’ve got my cushy floor, my battling ropes. All that stuff, right? Also happen to have my camping gear right behind me, but hey, whatever.

Anyway, so here’s the food log, right? If you are a Fit Body Boot Camp member, you already know that you can do this. It’s a food log, and what it is, it’s an opportunity for you to pick this up on a Monday, which happens to be today when I am recording this for the first time. I’m also going to post these up on YouTube, so whatever day it happens to be, well, that’s the day you’re actually going to see that. So it’s a food log and it really is pretty simple. It’s just got your breakfast, lunch, dinner, some snacks, eight glasses of water. It has a little area, like what did you do for exercise that day? So all of these should say, Monday through Friday, Fit Body Boot Camp. Obviously can say something else.

Then it has an area down here, which is really the difference between doing this all by yourself and doing it at Fit Body Boot Camp, is you can turn it in on Friday and by Monday at noon, one of our accountability coaches, which is a service that we provide at Fit Body Boot Camp, actually will kind of grade it, so to speak, right? Make suggestions on what you can do better. Maybe you can replace one thing … Because what our goal is, at the end of eight weeks because this is an eight-week program that we go through, when you start on with us you have an eight-week program that each week you eliminate something and you add something to your meal planning and you have a diet that … You know, well, let me not use that word.

A “diet” is not what we want you to do. We want to you rebuild your eating habits so you can get sustainable results for the rest of your life. We don’t want you to just come in and work out and lose 40 pounds in three months, and then all of a sudden you quit because you are exhausted, right, and then you have to end up going back and, you know … You rest for six months and then you end up starting over and everything, right?

That’s what we do. It’s a food log. Every Monday, every single one of our members has the opportunity to come in. Now, some of them do, some of them don’t. And if you’re watching this and you don’t and you’re not getting the results that you want, you need to do this, because it’s very important, if you are with us, that you take advantage of all of services. Because the one thing we want you to get is your results. If you have not sat down with one of our accountability coaches, if you’re not grabbing the food logs, if you’re not working out at least three times a week, and you are not following one of our multitude of meal plans, then you are not taking advantage of all the services that we provide at Fit Body Boot Camp.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out there. Wanted to talk about, real briefly before we leave, for those of you who are not Fit Body Boot Camp members … And this is playing originally in our private Facebook group and then I’m going to roll that out to our other pages and everything, so obviously the first people that are going to see know exactly what I’m talking about, right? But everybody else that’s going to watch that doesn’t necessarily know.

What do we do at Fit Body Boot Camp? Well, Fit Body Boot Camp, we specialize in 30 … I’m going to read this here. We specialize in 30-minute personal trainer guided workouts that are fun, high-energy, and burn twice the calories in half the time, that are perfect for, here’s the key, any fitness level. Right? So we want to make sure that everybody on the planet earth that is physically able to come in and work out can work out. Right? There are some people, you know, that just can’t come in. But you got to start somewhere.

If you are in that place, let’s say you just feel like you cannot come in and work out, give us a call. Give us a Facebook message. Reach out to us. We really need to make that assessment together along with your doctor and maybe we can at least get you started on our food log, food journals, and an accountability coach and maybe some meal plans. And I’ll tell you what, if you are not a member but you really need some help with your nutrition, reach out to us because we will help you. I’m not going to charge you a membership fee to get you started, right? I want to be there for everybody in the community in Turlock and in Manteca and make sure that they have the opportunity to get fit and have a healthy, healthy lifestyle.

It’s just about looking good with your shirt off. It’s about playing with your kids, it’s about walking with your coworkers and not being completely exhausted. It’s about being able to go out to dinner and getting in and out of your car easily. I know this sounds like simple things, but there are people out there who fight these things all day every day and I want to make sure that all people have that opportunity.

Here’s to being fit-tastic. Here’s to being unstoppable. Please come by, check us out for a food log, and we will get you started. Thank you very much. Talk to you later.