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I don’t want to do the whole sugar thing first thing in the morning. What I’ve done is I’ve put together a breakfast that really satisfies me. This literally will satisfy me all the way through the noon hour. It’s about 7:20 right now, but I will go ahead and typically, unless I work out, mid morning I’ll have a little bit of just straight protein, nothing else. I’ll have one of the Premier Proteins from Costco that we carry or something that basically is nothing extra. It’s just the protein powder, super low-carb, so it doesn’t get a lot of extra carbohydrates in my body. For my morning routine what I do is a buttered coffee, otherwise known as bulletproof coffee, that’s basically the guy who made it famous is a guy named Dave Asprey. What I’m gonna go through all the different things that I put in there. It’s not that much, don’t worry.

Before I do that I get started with some greens and I happen to finishing off some tablets of greens. I typically like it in powder form, so of course for me to drink more water. The 7.2 greens, they are really good, but they’re really expensive. I’ve put links to all the different things that are available in here including three different types of greens. The athletic greens actually taste like bubble gum, but they are the most expensive of the group. The other two are really good and a lot less expensive. I advise you to do that. It really gets your day off right with some good greens to help you get all the nutrients that you get out of vegetables and fruits and it helps get that stuff going. A little bit higher in carbs than I would want it to be, but I really like to get my day started with that as well.

Additionally, I’ve just started a routine with SuperBeets. It right there, SuperBeets. I put a link on to one that’s a little bit less expensive because this one can get kind of pricey for what you’re getting. The other one is literally twice the size of this for about the same money. This is heavy in Nitric oxide, which basically helps your blood flow, boosts your energy, all those different things and it is wonderful, natural, helps you actually blood flow, guys, whatever. Anyway, I literally put that in there, I stir that up in here. It tastes like beets. I tried a flavor one, the cherry one, and it was worse actually, so I don’t do that anymore. I have travel packets in the cherry flavor. I don’t like the cherry flavor. I’m not a big sweet, sweet guy, which is weird because if I eat candy I’m all about fruity candy, but I just couldn’t stand the cherry flavor one. It almost made it worse, that flavor, whatever. Here’s me on TV.

The real key to everything make sure whatever your morning does you use a mug that’s gonna inspire you. Every morning, right? Right. My coffee’s about done. I usually do it in a french press. This happens to be a Sumatra dark roast. I like dark roast, just has a lot more flavor to me, but it doesn’t matter. You could do it out of your Keurig, out of your Nespresso, just brewed coffee, Starbucks, doesn’t matter, right? When I’ve made buttered coffee at work I’ve used the Pike Place one from Starbucks when I bought that.

Here’s how you’re gonna make your buttered coffee. This is Brain Octane. Let me show you what else you could use. Brain Octane is basically highly refined coconut oil. It’s MCT and if I was more scientific I would remember what that actually stands for at the moment. I know that if Jamie’s watching he’ll be disgusted I didn’t know. Anyway, so it’s MCT oil. Let me show what else you can use. That is … Sorry. This is just straight up refined coconut oil. Got this at, I think, Grocery Outlet for 10 bucks, right? Refined coconut oil. Some people like to do non-refined coconut oil because it still has the flavor of coconut, so it makes your coffee a little bit sweeter.

The difference between this and this. This is so refined that effectively if you take to Dave Asprey, the owner of Bulletproof Coffee, this basically, all the oil from this goes directly to your liver. Never even gets an opportunity to be stored in fat on your body. This not as much. However, if you have it first thing in the morning that’s not really a big deal because you’re gonna be burning fat the whole day. That’s really the key behind Bulletproof Coffee is because it helps your body jumpstart that fat burning process and you will burn fat all day because of it and it’s super satisfying and you don’t have to put sugar in your coffee, right? It basically makes it taste like a latte.

You take the one tablespoon of the Brain Octane or the MCT oil, if you find it elsewhere it’s MCT oil. I can tell you I’ve talked to people who have used other stuff, other MCT oils, they’re a little hit and miss. Some people have a little bit of a digestive pain, not pain, but a little discomfort when they use other ones. Everybody I talk to really likes this one. Basically you do a tablespoon. It’s not an exact science. There, look, I poured over. If it’s your first one, first time you’re making it, make it a little bit less. You just want to make sure your body gets used to that much instant oil in your body. Then, you want to do some grass fed butter. I happened to grab this one. Grass fed butter, it’s Sprouts. Anything grass fed butter. The majority of people get the Irish one, the Karrygold. Make sure it’s unsalted unless you like salted coffee, I don’t know. Unsalted so it doesn’t add any unnecessary flavor to that. Drop that in there.

I have this in my Vitamix. A little bit of an overkill cause I’m gonna make one cup of coffee in this gargantuan thing. Then, I’ve got my coffee. I usually pout it in here first so I know how much it is. Without even measuring I just pour it in there, well I guess I’m measuring cause I’m using the cup. The coffee, then I pour that in my Vitamix, run this. Usually run this for about, it’s gonna be really loud here for a second, I run this for about 10, 20 seconds. You want to give it enough time to where it actually emulsifies and all the water and all the oils and everything are all together, right? Get that going. Alrighty.

Then, if you look, I don’t know, yeah, see how it’s kind of turned a brown color. Its basically like a latte. Since I’m doing this video I completely forgot the other thing that I was gonna put in there, which I’m gonna go ahead and do. Right. I just worked out this morning and when I work out before I have my buttered coffee what I want to do is get some protein in my body. This is collagen protein. I put a link on there for other collagen protein, but literally this stuff is awesome. Mainly it works on … Supports skin, bone and joint health, right? Cause it’s collagen and it’s completely flavorless. You can put it in a cup of tea in the evening and it completely liquefies with no weirdness or anything. You don’t even know it’s there. It’s tasteless. One scoop, 10 grams of protein, put that in my buttered coffee, I won’t even notice that it’s there, I’m getting 10 grams of protein to start off my day along with my fat.

Now, I’ve talked a lot about this buttered coffee inducing fat burning. As long as you avoid carbohydrates that is still gonna be the case. Really, what happens when you eat something that’s high in carbohydrates and fat your body basically burns the carbohydrates really fast cause those are the easiest ones to burn and then it stores the fat. Protein is actually harder for your body to digest than fat. Even in this case where I’ve got protein and fats in my coffee it’s gonna actually go and burn all the fat first because it’s easier for it to do.

Sorry about that. I should’ve actually put it in the first time. Anyway, I put this stuff, this Bulletproof stuff, relatively expensive, I put a link in there that I got a recommendation from Jamie who’s one of our members in Turlock that basically has two buttered coffees a day. He’s been leaning out and everything. It’s been pretty amazing. There you go. The protein actually makes it a little bit frothier. Because I put it in there it’s gonna overfill, but there’s my buttered coffee.

I put links to all the different products in here. The reason I did that is cause every time I do this I get a, “Hey, where do I buy this stuff? What do I get?” And all this stuff. I just want to make sure that you have that. The Crush Everything mug you’ll have to ask me personally where I got that, but that’s how you need to go through life anyway. If there’s any questions let me know. Basically I do the Super Beets with some greens. I have a buttered coffee if I actually worked out, which is just worked out in my home gym here this morning. I’ll throw some collagen protein in there because it’s tasteless and I make a buttered coffee. Every morning, that’s how I start my day and it literally keeps me nice and full all the way through to that noon and one o’clock hour. I will catch you guys later. Thanks for sticking around with me. Bye.