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Hey, Saul Carter here with Fitbody Bootcamp. Obviously, you guys know me as the owner of Mantika and Turlock Fitbody Bootcamp. Wanted to talk real quick today about the best fat loss book there is in the world. Right? It’s this book right here. The Unstoppable Fat Loss Formula. We give this book to all of our members for free. If you’re in this group, you should already have access to this. If you don’t know how to have access to this, I’m going to explain how to do that right now.

I’ve also included, for some people who really like to have that actual paper book, I’ve included a link in here where you can buy this on Amazon but, this is my copy and they’re super hard to get now so, this is the Turlock’s copy. We’re going to keep this one here. Right? But, you can always come in, if you’re a member, and check it out. We’re gonna talk about this for a little bit. So, what is included in here? Included in here is not just recipes, and meal plans, and healthy living. In the beginning of this book, is an entire strategy on how to achieve your goals and all of those other things. Right?

Not only is there a 28 day meal plan in here, but there is several strategies on how to motivate yourself and stay on top of your goals, and make sure that you are getting the best results possible. Okay? Now, I don’t like to throw out … whatever. This is part of the reason Fitbody Bootcamp is awesome, and way better than any other fitness place in town. Because, we give you this book, which is written by Bedros Keuilian, our owner, the CEO who’s been doing this stuff for 20 years almost, and he knows exactly how to get everybody the results that they want. He trains all of us how to do that as well. So, that’s what I’m here. I’m really trying to spread the word, to make sure that everybody has these. So look, here’s all the meal plans, here’s the recipes, some awesome stuff in here.

There’s some Beverly Hills chopped salad, world’s best cob salad, and these are things that are normal to eat. Right? It’s not stuff you have to eat, like tofu burgers, five days a week, and then on Saturday night, you get to have yourself a veggie burger. Right? Like, that’s not living. Right? This is how to live. The low carb green smoothie. It’s great stuff in this book right here. So, I’ve included a link on this, that is to buy this book on Amazon.

Now, the downside is, if you want this book brand new, right now, there is currently one available for $2000. Okay? However, the upside is, you can buy it used. This book used though, they’re probably in pretty good condition, this book used though, is $40 on Amazon. So, how do you get this if you don’t want to pay $2000 on Amazon? The best way to get this is to become a member here. You become a member here, and on our welcome package page, which the link is in our description on this video. If you don’t see the link here, and you’re not a member of one of my Fitbody Bootcamps, you need to become a member of one of my Fitbody Bootcamps, and so we can get you hooked up with getting this book. Right? For free. So, we’ll get all that taken care of, but you gotta become a member here.

So you know, definitely take a look at that, if you want to buy it, buy it. I do have a copy of this at home, I like having books when you’re cooking. You don’t have to print something out, it’s just right there. You don’t have to have it in a pdf form, whatever. It’s all right there. Now that said, the copy that we give you, is basically in a pdf form so, if you wanted to go out there and print this book on your own, you could do that. It’s 250 pages of amazing content but, it’s 250 pages. If you print that out, you know, it’s going to cost you a lot more than $40 at Kinko’s to get that done. So, become a member with us.

What is Fitbody Bootcamp? Fitbody Bootcamp, we specialize in personal training guided workouts, that are fun, high energy, and burn twice the calories in half the time, and are perfect for any fitness level so, make sure to come by, become a member so you can get this book. It’s the most amazing fat loss book available. All you have to do is, become a member here. You get some great workouts, you get accountability coach, you get meal planning, all that stuff included, as well as unlimited bootcamp. And, you get to meet me. That’s super exciting for everybody. Anyway, thank you much. If you are a member, make sure to get this, and ask us if you don’t know how to get this done. If you’re not a member, you need to become a member right away. Thank you much. Talk to you guys later. Bye.