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Meet Saul Carter

Pn Certified Nutritional Coach L1, Certified Personal Trainer, Fat Loss Coach Certified

Prior to owning Manteca and Turlock Fit Body Bootcamps, I sold real estate, both residential and commercial.  In 2008, when the real estate market crashed hard in the Central Valley of California, my income crashed with it: $160,000 one year to $6,000 the next. At one point, I was so hopeless I tried to get a temporary job to get me by in the short run. The problem was, when an interviewer would inevitably ask, “So, what happens when the market comes back?,” I couldn’t lie. I would say, “I’m going back to real estate.”  It’s no surprise I wasn’t hired anywhere! Looking back, it was for the best, as it forced me to think outside of the box. My daughter was young at the time, and still in need of someone to drive her to back-to-back soccer and volleyball practices. I was happy to fill that role, but this meant I had to tighten my belt even further and figure out some innovative ways to feed my daughter and fill the car with gas.

I spent the next six months calling every bank I could think of to list foreclosed property for them. I’m still waiting for those listings today! One evening, I broke down. I was working as hard as I could, but seeing no fruit from my labor. The only thing I knew to do was pray. I knelt there in my living room and prayed for what seemed to be an hour or more. As soon my “Amen” left my lips, a familiar *ding* sounded from my laptop’s mailbox. The email I had just received mere seconds after my prayer advertised a seminar course for short sales. I attended the seminar, dropping $1,500 on a training course. It truly was a gift from God. Over the next 3+ years, I closed nearly 140 short sales for homeowners struggling more than ever to make ends meet, desperate to be relieved of their crushing debt. The work was hard, but, the moment a property closed, seeing relief flood into my clients’ eyes made it all worth it. I loved that feeling! What I didn’t love, however, was spending my entire day getting lied to by banks and being stuck in a chair all day while doing so. I was getting fat and out of shape. That’s when I found Fit Body Bootcamp.  

I began to start every morning with a 5:30 AM session at Modesto Fit Body Bootcamp, got my daughter involved, and made it a part of our daily lives. Over time, I dropped from 235 pounds to 195 pounds I felt like a teenager again. After a couple years getting to know the culture and atmosphere, my daughter got a part time job at Modesto FBBC. Around this time, I was getting more and more irritated with real estate. Spending every day of your life getting lied to by banks takes a toll on your patience. I became increasingly short and angry on the phone. My passion for helping people was being realized with short sales, but I had to find something more positive to throw myself into.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

One day, I was speaking with my daughter about business options to get out from under the negative drudgery of short sales. Matter-of-factly, she asked, “If we love FBBC, why not open a Fit Body Bootcamp?” Sometimes, children just speak the truth!  

During my time working out at Modesto Fit Body Bootcamp, I witnessed woman and man alike, one after the other, melt fat, tone muscles, and reach their fitness goals. After speaking with my daughter, I wanted to be a bigger part of that. I called FBBC HQ the next day!

After three short years of owning a couple Fit Body Bootcamps, I am more in love with helping people than ever before! Being part of a life-changing experience in the lives of so many people is truly gratifying. Dozens of our clients have lost over 30 pounds by following our formula; our locations have even helped clients lose up to 110 pounds! Even though our clients are seeing great results, we know we can always do better for them. Every day, we work to improve our programs, including more effective accountability coaching, specialized meal planning, creating motivating six-week challenges, and building unending arrays of workouts around maximum calorie burn at minimum risk of injury.


“If you live anywhere near Manteca or Turlock Fit Body Bootcamps, come by and experience the best fitness facilities in the Central Valley of California!”

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We believe in being open and honest. As such, Fit Body Boot Camp has made every effort to provide accurate information here.